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The concept of Cinemino Production was born in 1990 and is the expression of Massimiliano Belvederesi's desire to measure himself against the production of original short films.

An absolutely independent and strongly passionate director, Belvederesi trained "in the field", in a path in which there was no lack of structured and specific training but in which "daily practice" was the best source of learning.

Surrounded by passionate friends like him and ready to try their hand at the "Seventh Art", Belvederesi uses only original subjects and scripts.

To some small experiments of humorous character (in which the "anconitana" language played the role of increasing and catalyzing the comic effect of situations), the productions have been gradually refined.

The group of actors to which the Director referred has also evolved over time, becoming aware of the importance of roles and improving the quality of acting.

Consequently, the productions have also become more ambitious and the latest film, "TangOscuro", represents, at the moment, the point of arrival of this evolution.

The meeting in 2014 with the theatre group "I Recremisi" made the level rise even higher: Cinemino Production had at its disposal quality and expressive skills commensurate with the projects put in place, with absolutely appreciable results.

The last, but not the least, is related to the settings of Cinemino productions: here the city of Ancona is the absolute master, becoming almost one of the co-protagonists of short films and films.

Whether it is the historical centre of the city, the beaches of Portonovo or the paths of the Conero, the link between Cinemino and the places where it was born and operates remains strong and indissoluble.

It is a logical and natural consequence that when you look at nature, the inland of the Marches and the Sibillini Mountains, in particular, mark a continuum with the coast and the sea, becoming a unicum which, for variety and beauty, it is difficult (and it would be illogical to do so) to give up...

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Below, on this page, trailers, teasers, the short film "Nel Silenzio della Notte" and some videos to have some laughs...

Nel Silenzio della Notte - Teaser (In the quiet of the dark - Teaser)
TangOscuro - Trailer (TangObscure - Trailer)
Nel Silenzio della Notte - Il Film (In the quiet of the dark - The Film)
And now let's laugh a little...
Massi e il furgone... (Massi and the van...)
Massi, che gambe! (Massi, what legs!)
Massi lo Sherpa (Massi the Sherpa)
L'erbavoglio dei Sibillini (The Sibillini grass...)
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