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Over the year, the Cinemino organizes cultural events and initiatives in an extremely broad sense.
From guided excursions in natural habitats to visits to museums, from evenings dedicated to philosophy to live concerts, from dinner together to guided listening to music, from wine tasting to counselling meetings: where at the centre is the person, his value, his search for wellbeing, good relations, the desire to know and the necessary curiosity to do so, there is Cinemino, his willingness to go down paths that lead to a human and humanising being together.
Everything that has to do with the person, with people, with their curiosity and desire to know is, for Cinemino, "culture".
In the Archive section you can find the flyers of the initiatives organized until July 2020.
Below we have instead collected some of the most participated and interesting activities.
In the page of the "N E W S !" the initiatives in preparation and with certain and scheduled dates.

All this in the name of our "motto":

Let curiosity
move you towards others!

Have a nice trip!
Here we have highlighted just a few of our activities;
if you want to see all the initiatives and events organized by Cinemino, visit the

I decline and move on! - II Edition
Prometto che ritorno
Again walking around to "clean the world"; always divided into two fierce teams, this time we beat the beaches of Portonovo... What have we found? Try to take a look at the photo...
Roberto Maccaroni told us about his book "Prometto che ritorno" (I promise I'll come back); a small reflection on his being a volunteer for Emergency, in places where poverty seems to rule but hope definitely doesn't want to die.... Photo and the telling of the event.
Music&Wine - II Edition
The 2nd Day of Members and Association
The wine of our territory, the products of local producers, the soundtracks of famous movies and the paintings of our friend Vanessa: a complete multisensory experience, a fun and exciting journey... to get an idea, start from here.
All together passionately, to meet again, welcome the new Cinemini, party, sing... click here to see some shots of the day.
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