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From Sunday, July 26th the "Great Summer Photo Contest" started. The time to send your photos expires between...
Associazione Culturale
Here are the events and initiatives that await the Cinemino Association during this Summer 2020:

  • SUNDAY 26 JULY to SUNDAY 30 AUGUST: Grand Summer Photo Contest
  • SATURDAY 5 September: prize-giving dinner for the winners of the Competition (details to be announced).

Cinemino Production
  • January 2020
Cinemino Production is working on two different short films:
- one of them will be a surreal story set entirely inside a restaurant;
- the second will deal with "image", with an emphasis on physical beauty.

  • Spring/Summer 2020
The date on which Cinemino will shoot its new "short" is being defined; about 50 extras will be needed:
soon the details...
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